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Do I need a permit to have this work done, if so, who takes care of it?
Permit requirements vary from town to town, if there is any question as to whether or not one is needed we will check with the town offices to determine their requirements. If one is needed, with some input from you, we’ll take care of the rest.
What are you going to do with the debris generated during the job?
We maintain clean job sites, with daily clean-ups. Depending on the size of the job and the scope of the work being done we will either transport the debris to the local transfer station or have a construction dumpster on site.
Do you have references?
Yes, references are available upon request.
Do you take credit card payments?
Yes, through PayPal, if you have an email address you can pay with a credit card through PayPal.
What products are available for our project, which ones should we choose?
With the use of catalogs and brochures we will work with you to educate you and increase your knowledge of the available products for you project.  In certain cases there are in store displays for a “hands on” feel, and we’re always happy to offer our recommendations as well.
Our home needs a lot of work, more than we can afford to do all at once, where do we start?
We will be happy to work with you on a “big picture” project.  Many of our clients have homes that need a series of projects done either to make them stable and weather tight or to just turn them into their “ideal house”. There are certain things that should be done before others or with others to avoid back tracking. We will be happy to go over a multi-year plan with you to get things done in order and on a budget.
Can we do anything to help keep the costs down?
Quite often, yes. If you’re a “do-it-yourselfer” but know your limits, quite often there are steps that can be taken to prep the job prior to our arrival or even finish it up after the big things are done. (I.e. carpets pulled up, pre-priming wood, etc…)
Do you offer discounts?
We offer discounted rates in the winter months for interior projects, as well as for active military personnel.
Do you do painting?
We have a couple of reliable quality painters that we work with to make sure that our projects get completed and protected against the elements when we are done.
Our project is going to require plumbing and electrical work, do you do that?
We can take care of it all through our network of licensed plumbers and electricians who we have working relationships with.  No one without a plumbing or electrical license should ever “do it all” despite their abilities, without a license, they’re not insured for the work they’re doing, and you won’t be either if something goes wrong and your insurance company finds out you hired an un-insured individual.
Are you licensed?
Unfortunately the state of NH does not license builders at this time so there is no license to have. Hopefully this will change in the near future, as they’re starting to talk about it more and more at the state level.
I bought an “assemble at home” product at a box store and can’t figure it out, can you help?
Quite often yes. We understand they’re not always as “easy” as the box makes it out to be.
Do you fix roof leaks?
Yes, while they can be tricky to track down or find at times, our years of experience has helped us hone in on some of the more obvious causes while not overlooking the less obvious things as well.
Do you clear snow from roofs?
Yes, we do offer roof clearing in the winter, call for an estimate. Also, it’s always a good idea to call before the roof starts leaking.
How does the “free estimate” work?
You contact us either my phone or email and we’ll set up a time at your convenience to go over your project with you. After meeting with you and/or looking at the job, we will work up an estimate and deliver it to you, detailing the scope of the work to be done and the estimated costs.
How do you charge out your time?
Depending on the project to be done we will either provide you with a firm proposal price or an estimated cost of time and materials to do the job. Some jobs are straight forward and are easier done at a fixed price, others, like handy man work (sticking doors, replacing a couple of steps, fixing a cabinet hinge, etc) are easier to bill by the hour. Call for an estimate and we’ll discuss the options.
You gave me an estimate, I want the job done, how much lead time do you need?
The more the better. The earlier we know of your project the sooner we can schedule it in to get it done in a timely manner or to just get it done when you want it done.
Do you do “emergency repairs”?
Yes, if you’re looking at an oak tree in your living room we will get over there ASAP to weather tight the house and keep the elements out until full repairs can be completed either by us or someone else. If calling with an emergency off hours leave a message detailing the problem and we’ll promptly return your call.
I have several estimates ranging from high to low, why is there such a difference?
Pricing on a job is generally related to the quality of the work, the materials used, the attention to detail and the thoroughness of the job done.  We are always happy to go over our estimates with you and discuss the details of it, and/or compare it to any others that you may have.



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